Ancilliaries and PCT

Whether or not you should buy post cycle therapy products should never be a debate – it’s simply a given that they are going to be needed regardless of the anabolic compounds you implement.

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You’ll find that many of the adverse situations often encountered when using anabolic produce often tends to come from careless dosing and/or not integrating a proper PCT phase.

We’ve got the best pct products available to choose from in order to guarantee your optimal safety when coming “off” your chosen substance in the most optimal fashion possible.

Required Components To Effectively Come “Off” Your Usage Phase

Our range of pct products in 2017 is absolutely staggering compared to what was available to previous users in the decades prior. It’s actually quite terrifying to consider the lack of appropriate supplementation that was (or rather, was not!) being undertaken during the classical 70’s/80’s bodybuilding era.

As biological science has advanced, so too has our knowledge in regards to precisely what is needed to guarantee optimal vitality both during and after using steroids.

The best post cycle therapy phases are going to involve the use of SERM’s and should ideally also have an AI on standby.

If you’re wondering why you need these odd sounding products – we’ll now open your eyes a little about the realities of “cycling” in order to allow you to fully discern the place that the above products have when using anabolic items.

Unfortunately, the reason why pct is absolutely vital is because all anabolic compounds suppress the body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. This isn’t particularly worrying though, and it makes very concise scientific sense.

When you introduce an external compound of an androgenic nature (which almost every steroid is), they then serve as your body’s primary source of “male” hormone.

It believes that it no longer needs to produce its own stores (this would be an unnecessary energy demand after all) and proceeds to shut down its organic synthesis of testosterone.

This is partly where the old thought process of “if you take steroids your penis size will shrink” is based. It isn’t the penis size that stands to shrink, it’s the size of the testicles.

Coming off of your chosen product means that natural production shuts down, this then means that the testicles are no longer producing this vital hormone, and as such, they diminish in size (due to a lack of sperm output.)

To make matters worse, many steroids are also highly estrogenic (the female hormone) meaning that estrogen levels rise as androgen levels fall. This is a recipe for disaster in regards to organic testosterone release.

As such, it’s probably fairly obvious that you need to incorporate some means of effective support so as to counteract this situation arising in a potent fashion.

This is where pct products come into play. SERM’s are going to help reduce your female hormone count and allow androgen levels to restore and an AI will come into play if you see adverse issues like gynecomastia start to take a powerful grip on your body (this is because of their ability to “shut down” estrogen almost completely, thus ensuring that the condition cannot progress further.)

You may even need to take exogenous testosterone for a small duration of time if you’ve been running a particularly suppressive cycle, but typically speaking, having both a SERM and AI on hand will be all a typical user needs to restore their natural synthesis.

If you ignore the PCT window, it could take up to a year for your levels to restore. Hopefully, now you can see why this phase is so crucial.

List Of SERM’s

You’ve got a plenty of choice for post cycle therapy. The best products at your disposal for controlling estrogen levels are nolvadex, clomid, arimidex and toremifene.

HCG (pregnyl) is also another popular if not slightly less common option. Whilst it has been used successfully by many, it should be noted that its effects are of primarily a “hypothetical” nature on the whole. If it works for you though, then it works for you.

Ancillaries of this nature are going to be perfectly suited to those who need standard estrogenic modulation, as opposed to the “harsh” kind on offer by aromatase inhibitors (they’re a suppressive agent as opposed to a modulation agent.)

Another element to consider in regards to using both SERM’s and AI’s is that the post-cycle window isn’t the only time where they will need to be called upon.

During your cycle, you’re definitely going to need to supplement with a SERM in order to keep your estrogen levels in check. Again, an AI should be kept on hand in case it is needed to take aggressive and rapid action against estrogen.

This intra-cycle window is just as vital as the post-cycle window, and anyone who deems it to be optional is likely going to face harsh repercussions as a result.

At the end of this page, we’ll outlay several example structures for both an intra-cycle and PCT phase to ensure that you know how to properly structure yours during your next cycle.

Aromatase Inhibitors

The other post cycle therapy products you’ll need to concern yourself with primarily are aromatase inhibitors. These products should be viewed as being the tougher “brothers” of SERM products, as they are capable of delivering devastatingly effective results when it comes to estrogenic protection.

You might be wondering why you wouldn’t simply use an AI at all times being that they’re so powerful, but what many fail to realise is that some estrogen must be present in the system at all times in order to optimise vitality.

This goes for everything from metabolic processes to (yes, for real) lean tissue sustenance. You shouldn’t ideally ever strive to completely suppress your estrogen levels.

However, some situations are so critical that they warrant advanced suppression of the estrogen hormone.

These situations can range from an individual encountering chronic water retention (to the extent that it drastically affects their blood pressure) to the physical symptoms of gynecomastia starting to arise in a potent fashion.

During a situation like this, you need the best pct products possible to come smashing down hard on your adverse symptoms and ideally completely annihilate them all together. That’s where AI’s shine through in all their potent glory.

As with the previous category, you have many options to choose from including but not limited to letrozole, aromasin, proviron and femara.

Some products are better suited to specific aspects of “estrogenism” like the destruction of gynecomastia, whereas others are fantastic all-rounders, capable of providing protection in an “umbrella” like fashion as soon as it is needed.

PCT products like this won't need to be used frequently during your anabolic cycle, but it’s crucial that you have them on hand in case of an emergency.

What PCT Products Are The Best?

If you’re looking for the best pct products, then you may need to adjust your thought process a little and instead consider what you actually need based on your current experience/cycle.

It’s fair to say that there’s no such thing as one pct cycle to suit everyone’s needs, and they’ll likely all differ slightly. As previously mentioned, some AI products are “specialists” in regards to dealing with certain aspects of steroid use, and to an extent, the same could be said for SERM’s.

Luckily, SERM products are easier to integrate for the most part because they almost all provide similar results, but with that being said, they do all carry slightly unique character traits too.

Your post cycle therapy should be purely about you, and what your needs are at this point in time. Someone performing a beginner cycle for instance, would need a lower dosage of supplementation than someone running a “harsher” stack.

Luckily, PCT products are all going to be universally effective to a degree, therefore there’s almost no such thing as making the “wrong” choice.

Best PCT Steroid Cycle

If you’re looking for an effective PCT steroid cycle, then we have several different options for you to try in order to achieve optimum benefit.

We’ll first assume that you need post cycle therapy for “mild” purposes in which case you’ll need to adhere to these guidelines:

  • When using nolvadex, integrate 20mg per day during weeks one and two, then 10 mg per day during weeks three and four
  • When using clomid, integrate 50mg per day during weeks one and two, followed by 25 mg per day during weeks three and four
  • Should you perform a “harsh” cycle, you’ll need to incorporate either two of the best pct products as follows:
  • When using nolvadex, integrate 30mg per day during week one, 20mg per day during week two then 10mg per day during weeks three and four
  • When using clomid, integrate 75mg per day during week one, 50mg per day during weeks two and three, then 25mg per day during week four

In conjunction with this, keep an AI product of your choice on hand at all times to optimise safety. It should be noted that the above cycles are only examples, and other products will require separate dosing guidelines (as will be outlaid on their respective product profiles.)

Please note also that when using “short” ester products, you can begin pct 3-4 days after your last administration. When using “large” ester products, you can begin 14-21 days after your last administration.

Some people genuinely do believe that pct during / after steroid cycles is an optional element, but hopefully, we’ve now helped to open your eyes a little in regards to what can and does happen when pct isn’t effectively implemented.

At valkyrie, we’ll always supply you with the highest quality, best value and safest pct product varieties on the Internet.

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